Tribal Gallery Size Runner Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug 48934

Size: 5 ft 6 in x 11 ft (1.68 m x 3.35 m)
Style: Kazak Rugs

Gallery Size Runner Antique Tribal Caucasian Kazak Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Caucasian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – Like so many other beautiful Caucasian Kazak rugs, this elegant piece uses angular shapes and forms to ground the bright colors within, creating a veritable kaleidoscope of flowery motifs. Several beautiful borders surround the antique rug’s core, each leading to the other through a careful blend of contrasting colors and flowing shapes. The outermost border features two sides of red and blue standing against each other with zig-zagging patterns. This framework hugs around a lighter border bearing a yellow background and several petal formations within. At the very center of the rug is a vibrant field of red that houses several leafy stems and floating petals, acting as accenting pieces to the larger foreground elements within. Two massive primary blooms, which contain smaller diamonds and shapes within, define the foreground, their deep and rich blue color adding a dreamy presence to the otherwise fiery tones present throughout this impressive Caucasian rug.

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