Trendy Earthy Tones Primitive Design Modern Large Rug 11723


Size: 12 ft 11 in x 15 ft 7 in (3.94 m x 4.75 m)

Gorgeous Trendy Earthy Tones Primitive Design Modern Large Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Sustainable, earthy designs are making headlines in the world of interior design this year. Emerging trends focus on exploring the serenity that we feel when we are in the outdoors and bring it to our indoor spaces. This rug has a primitive design with a tribal feel that would be perfect for a range of contemporary design styles.

The browns of his rug give it a grounded feel and are reminiscent of the patterns found on African mud cloth and among the primitive designs of cave paintings. The lines separate and converge like flowing water, creating a sense of organic movement in the piece. Today, designers are choosing pieces that have a human touch over mass-manufactured ones. The one-size-fits-all approach to decorating is being replaced by pieces that allow you to infuse the space with things that bring you joy.

This year’s style trends are all about personal expression, and this rug allows you to explore your tribal side. The design was inspired by nature, but it also has a modern feel that would make an excellent addition to a modern design with simple, geometric shapes. This rug uses geometric shapes as the foundation, only it has a hand-drawn quality that forms a connection with our ancient past.

Brown is a color that is once again finding its way into our modern palettes. It brings warmth to the room, and when paired with lighter browns and creams, makes an excellent foundation for a design that draws inspiration from the organic world. This rug would be an excellent addition to a room with vintage and retro-inspired Midcentury Modern pieces. It would also make an excellent foundation for a Boho Chic or tribal-inspired room style. The design and colors also reflect the intersection between the natural world and manmade ones that you find in Nordic and Scandi styles. This is a gorgeous piece with an eye-catching design that calls for you to get in touch with your more primitive side.

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