Square Soft Neutral Color Tribal Design Modern Boho Chic Area Rug 142794674

Size: 11 ft 3 in x 12 ft 9 in (3.43 m x 3.89 m)

A Beautiful And Trendy Modern Boho Chic Rug, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug – In today’s modern design vocabulary, grays have become the new black. They are versatile and blend with many different design trends from minimalist to eclectic or Bohemian. They can add support to a neutral design, and they can also be used to highlight more intense colors distributed throughout the space. More recently, designers use the rug to unify the space and create a central theme for the rest of the design.

Geometrics and neutral colors are quickly becoming a staple of contemporary interior design. The gorgeous and trendy design of this carpet in grays and whites has a balanced feel in the way the artist used dark, mid-tones, and white highlights. The darker grays of the color are used to define space within the design and create a frame.

This design reflects a more traditional pattern found in Persian and Oriental rugs. The outer borders of the carpet are used to highlight and define the pattern within the field of the rug. The artist relied on traditional design techniques to create a piece that is modern and fits well into today’s global design trends. The artist allowed the grays to blend in the border of the rug in a way that adds interest and texture to the piece.

This is a modern carpet that was created using traditional techniques. However, the weaver combined two traditional techniques to create areas of high and low pile by alternating pile weave and traditional Kilim weaving techniques. The result is a piece that is urban yet still retains is traditional tribal qualities.

This Boho chic rug is perfect for a space that uses furniture with simple lines and a contemporary feel, or one that is more organic and natural. The colors are balanced between light and dark colors. It has a cozy and soft feel that is perfect for a number of current interior design trends. The colors are gentle, and the design is modern and well-composed.

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