Square Light Blue Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug 49656


Size: 11 ft 4 in x 11 ft 8 in (3.45 m x 3.56 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful and Extremely Decorative Square Size Light Blue Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – This fascinating square size antique Persian Bakshaish rug is a beautiful work of both ornate and complex beauty. Soft rusty reds and light blue hues with cream and earth tone elements saturate the entire surface design. These perfectly symmetrical images, and elaborately rendered elongated paisley motifs are scattered throughout this square size rug to create a unique organic charm.

A distinguished creamy white border strand stands out from the rest of the antique carpet. This softly colored wide border which encircles this beautiful light blue antique Persian Bakshaish rug is beautifully rendered with a variety of classic northwest Persian rug design motifs in brilliant hues of light blue, rust and coral colors.

From a distance, the Persian rug’s facade seems to be cloaked in a hazy blend of colors and faded symbols. But, upon closer inspection, the colors grow in vibrancy and the patterns become remarkably intricate.

This light blue antique Persian Bakshaish rug features geometric design elements that blended beautifully with a lush assortment of floral patterns, giving the Persian carpet its lovely idyllic appeal. Six unique borders create a beautifully layered frame structure for the central field.

The stunning beauty of this antique rug demonstrates a mastery of artistic skill that is rarely matched. With a color palette of soft rusts, blues, browns and cream, the artist who designed a highly decorative rug that exudes a unique fanciful charm and glows with brilliance.

This gorgeous square size antique light blue Persian Bakshaish tug will add a distinctive touch of luxurious elegance and charm to any interior setting. It is the kind of antique Oriental rug that will enhance everything around it without drawing too much attention to the floor.

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