Soft Plush Contemporary Boho Chic Area Carpet 142812839

Size: 12 ft 10 in x 15 ft 2 in (3.91 m x 4.62 m)

A Beautiful Extremely Soft Plush Contemporary Boho Chic Area Carpet, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug, Circa Date: Newly Woven / Modern Rug  – This contemporary and trendy Boho chic rug has a statement to make. From a distance, this carpet appears to be paragraphs of written text. The written word has found its way into artist design for the past decade and continues to be a popular detail in modern trends. Using the suggestion of text in a contemporary rug is a new and delightful idea.

The carpet uses areas of high and low pile to define the areas of design. The carpet is organized into five columns, and it you look closely, you will see that it comprises five columns. Every other column is the same, creating three columns in one design and two in a different design. This gives what seems to be a random design order and organization.

The sense of organization of this carpet make it perfect for ultramodern décor. It has a balanced design that is geometric and neutral in color. The lighter white color of the carpet tends to stand out more than the darker grays. This emphasizes the lighter tones and will make the room look more expansive and airier.

This is a beautiful carpet with a unique design that is geometric, but also has a tribal quality, too. The design is organized around rectangles and simple shapes. The carpet has an elegant simplicity that would be perfect for a Scandinavian modern or minimalist design. It has a unassuming character that will support the rest of the interior style.

White and gray are the new design staples for creating a foundation for the design. Although this carpet could easily fit into a black and white design, where it would add interest, it would also fit into a more neutral palette that includes earthy browns, rusts, and nature-inspired greens.

Today’s color trends include spicy tones of red pepper, golden yellow, and dragonfly deep teal. The dominant ultra-white of this carpet would also allow it to support these energetic and intense color schemes. Whether your style is more contemporary and conservative, or more trendy and bold, this rug is the perfect rug for tying other components of design together and creating a unified feel. Its design is modern, yet simple.

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