Small Square Antique Persian Kashan Animal Rug 47227

Size: 0 ft 10 in x 0 ft 11 in (0.25 m x 0.28 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This splendid antique pictorial Persian rug from Kashan depicts a naturalistic landscape scene with delightful nightingales perched in a graceful flowering tree.

Small Square Size Antique Animal Design Kashan Rug, Persia, Circa: Late 19th Century – This small yet magnetic work of art is an antique Persian Kashan rug which has a powerful presence produced by immense details worked into a diminutive composition. The iconic bulbul, an important Persian symbol and literary device, is depicted cheerfully singing with its feathered friends. These beautifully drawn songbirds are set in a naturalistic tree with gnarled, carefully outlined branches and stylized blossoms that complement the scarlet, ultramarine and bole brown birds. This regal triad of classical colors is repeated in the archetypal flower-and-vine borders and crenellated outer borders, which use the strong ruby-red hues to great effect. In keeping with the traditions of Kashan, this marvelous antique Persian rug displays the hairline details and artistry that are celebrated in Kashan’s pictorial creations, all while paying homage to the graceful bulbul that has become an important theme in Persian art and poetry.

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