Small Brown Modern Persian Kilim Rug 60094

Size: 5 ft 1 in x 5 ft 4 in (1.55 m x 1.63 m)

Earthy Beautiful Brown Color Modern Persian Small Size Flat Weave Rug, The Kilim’s Origin Country: Persia, Rug Age: Modern – This Persian rug has a solid design structure that gives it uniformity and cohesiveness. It is a classic example of a modern Persian rug in terms of structure and design. As you can see, it is clearly divided into three main sections. Modern Persian rugs often have smaller repeating sections within the rug to provide a sense of direction and to create a larger pattern out of several small ones.

The repetition directs a viewer’s eyes from the top to the bottom of the rug in an orderly manner. This style complements minimalist aesthetics, which are on the rise, and many other contemporary design trends. Additionally, the three larger blocks contain detailed designs upon closer inspection. Using threads of various shades, the rug displays a shifting gradient of brown that slowly moves from dark brown to light brown. This occurs only to go back to dark brown as the next repeating section begins. The threads give this rug a textured, comfortable appearance. Of course, these color choices intentionally mimic a specific aesthetic. The browns evoke a forest aesthetic that reminds the viewer of layers of tree bark.

Although the color scheme has a nature-oriented element, this brown rug is also an excellent addition to any house for other reasons. Because almost all wooden furniture is brown, the rug will fit perfectly into many different rooms. Instead of worrying about changing the pre-existing decor to match, it is much more convenient to find a carpet that works perfectly with the room.

One more remarkable feature of the brown hues is that they are extremely similar to the ancient Persian carpets, which primarily worked with brown thread. Many, many years ago, the Persian Empire was powerful, vast, and very cultured. In this age, carpets were considered a household necessity and had a variety of practical uses. They kept people warm and nomadic tribes valued them highly as they were used in lieu of saddles. Most modern Persian rug designs have strayed from the complex and intricate swirling patterns of their predecessors. They have had to evolve to modern trends and create something unique. However, this flat weave rug pays subtle tribute to its ancestors and infuses any room with cultural significance.

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