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Silk and Wool Room Sized Tabriz Persian Carpet 50251

Size: 9 ft 5 in x 11 ft 9 in (2.87 m x 3.58 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Room Size Silk and Wool Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – Step into a world of vibrant energy with this captivating vintage silk and wool Tabriz rug. Forget muted tones; this rug is a kaleidoscope of fiery colors, each meticulously hand-stitched to create a mesmerizing spectacle. From the rich tangerines to the smoldering reds, the interplay of contrasting and complementary hues is a testament to the artistry of its Persian weavers.

The magic unfolds at your feet. Imagine fiery tangerines and blushing pinks dancing alongside rich reds and creamy beiges. These colors aren’t simply juxtaposed; they interweave and swirl, creating a sense of movement and dynamism. This vibrant display extends to the borders, where intricate floral elements and delicate vines gracefully frame the central design.

The central portion of the rug is where the true spectacle lies. A wild scattering of distinct petals and blossoms graces an earthy brown background. These floral elements aren’t just decorative; they hold a deeper meaning. Flowers, a recurring motif in Persian rugs, often symbolize paradise, fertility, and the interconnectedness of nature.

However, the centerpiece of the rug steals the show. An Arabesque ring, ablaze with color, emerges from the earthy background. Imagine this ring as a burning sun, its bright colors radiating outwards and casting a warm glow on the surrounding floral motifs. The pointed elements along its edges and within its borders flicker like flames, further emphasizing the fiery energy of the design.

Owning a vintage Tabriz rug is more than just adding a floor covering; it’s about bringing a piece of Persian history to life. These rugs, meticulously knotted with silk and wool, were prized possessions passed down through generations. They served not only as functional objects, but also as works of art, reflecting the cultural and artistic heritage of their creators.

By incorporating this rug into your home, you’re not just adding a splash of color; you’re welcoming a conversation starter and a window into a rich cultural tradition. Each step you take on this rug is a connection to the artistry and symbolism woven into its very fabric. This captivating piece is a testament to the enduring power of beauty and the timeless allure of handcrafted art.

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