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Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC - An essential part of preserving the value, beauty and integrity of your antique rugs and vintage rugs is having them cleaned by professionals. At Nazmiyal our antique rug experts and professional carpet cleaners have been cleaning, repairing and restoring antique rugs and vintage carpets for more than 30 years.

To us, cleaning old rugs goes beyond removing the surface dirt. It's also an important part of maintaining the natural fibers and carpet structure.

Our expert rug cleaners in NYC are trained to cleanse carpets and textiles made from all natural fibers, including cotton, wool and silk. For the past three decades, our antique oriental rug cleaning team in NY has reinvigorated valuable textiles and carpets made with sensitive colors and delicate natural fibers.

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Nazmiyal Antique Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning NY

We, at Nazmiyal, have the knowledge and experience to safely clean and maintain high-end rugs and irreplaceable antiques.

Our couture rug cleaning services deliver a level of care that has made us a vendor of choice for international collectors, museums and the most discerning clients. A professional cleaning is recommended for most rugs and carpets every four to five years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Antique Oriental Rug Cleaning:

When Should I Clean My Oriental Rug?

To clean or not to clean: that is the question and an issue that plagues rug owners year after year. Fortunately, the new year is a particularly good time to check the condition of household carpets and to see if they need to be cleaned. Perpetual foot traffic, dirt, dust and stains from kids, pets and holiday guests might spell doom for valuable vintage and antique carpets.

Regular cleaning is an essential part of protecting investment pieces and treating carpets with respect. When it comes to cleaning antique Oriental rugs, it simply doesn't pay to wait. Depending on traffic and household conditions, area rugs should be cleaned every three to seven years. Have a look at these common signs that a rug needs to be cleaned.

How often should I have my antique Persian rugs cleaned?

As a general rule, antique Persian rugs should be cleaned every three to five years depending on the level of traffic they receive.

What goes in to cleaning a rug?

Antique rug cleaning begins with dry dusting to remove deeply embedded dirt trapped in the base of the pile. Then carpets are soaked with gentle cleansing agents for a predetermined amount of time.

What if My Rug Has Stains?

Stains are probably the most obvious sign that a rug should be cleaned. Aside from gently blotting spills, leave stain-removal work to the rug cleaning pros. Stains tend to set in and get worked into the fibers as they dry or are rubbed. It's also important to note that bugs, moths and rot are more likely to affect dirty rugs, including those in storage.

What is The Carpet "Touch Test"?

The touch test is a simple and effective way to gauge the level of soiling. Simply rub the pile with an open hand going with the direction of the grain. If your hand feels dirty or excessively sticky, the rug might need to be cleaned.

Exploring What is Under the Carpet?

Inspecting the carpet pad and floor underneath can give you a good idea of overall cleanliness. Fine dust-like micro-particles on the floor are an indication that a rug needs to be washed. Smaller particles may seem soft and powdery, but they're actually glass-like bits of silica that are the most damaging.

Why Should I Be Checking the Rug's Pile and Foundation?

A visual examination of the pile and under-structure reveals deposits of dirt that are abrading the rug's foundation. Gently spread the pile apart to look for dirt at the base of the knots and along the warp and weft. Because typical cleaning methods cannot remove these deeply embedded particles, harmonic vibration equipment is the safest and most effective tool for cleaning antique rugs and protecting their value.

Antique Rug Cleaning Services in New York City

Our New York City rug servicing professionals provide a complete range of repair and restoration services for antique rugs and kilims. These services include regular cleanings, stain removal procedures, odor removal treatments and major repairs.

We specialize in all maintenance and repair services that Persian and Oriental rug owners and collectors may require. Returning a rug to its original state through a thorough cleansing or by completing undetectable repairs is a mission our conservators and Oriental rug cleaning experts work to fulfill every day.

Whether we are completing a major rug restoration or a routine cleaning, our goal is returning every item to its original state and renewing its intrinsic beauty.

Regular cleanings every three to five years are one of the most practical ways to not only keep your antique rugs and collectible textiles looking their best, but also to preserve your investment.

Our New York City rug servicing professionals work with many respected collectors and discerning rug owners who require the best. We perform wet and dry carpet cleaning procedures that are compatible with silk rugs, wool carpets, and the most delicate hand-woven textiles.

From the initial evaluation to the final details, our antique rug cleaning experts deliver the highest level of service to ensure impeccable results. We regularly clean antique Oriental and Persian rugs for clients in Manhattan and the New York City metropolitan area, including parts of New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut.

Cleaning Antique Oriental Rugs in New York City

Cleaning antique oriental rugs is essential to remove embedded dirt and renew the beauty of elegant floor coverings and valuable investment caliber rugs. As New York's top rug cleaning experts, private collectors, interior designers and independent organizations call on us to clean their most antique rugs.

For the past 30 years we have been a leading professional carpet cleaning company. We are a top antique rug vendor and also specialize in cleaning antique rugs and hand-knotted carpets made from silk, wool and cotton.

In addition to our antique rug cleaning service, we also clean semi-antique and vintage rug from China, Persia, Turkey, and the Caucuses.

Our knowledgeable conservators and rug cleaning experts carefully examine each carpet to determine the best process and foresee issues with color bleeding, delicate fiber and structural weak points. Before cleaning antique Oriental rugs, the age, size, condition, materials, construction techniques and level of soiling are carefully considered.

In most cases, antique rugs will be physically dusted to remove abrasive grit and debris trapped deep in the carpet pile. Then aqueous cleansing agents are applied to remove soil attached to the natural fibers that dulls the color and luminous sheen. Our antique rug cleaning experts are trained to clean using the most appropriate methods. If necessary, oxygen-based treatments can be employed to remove oxidation that causes yellowing in white and ivory rugs.

After cleaning antique Oriental rugs and removing the cleansing agents and excess water, rugs are placed in a climate-controlled drying room. There, air warm, dry air circulates to ensure that even the thickest pile carpets dry quickly and thoroughly. Contact us today to learn more about cleaning antique Oriental carpets and restoring your rug's natural beauty.

Cleaning Antique Rugs for Clients in Manhattan

Periodically, cleaning rugs is an essential part of maintaining and keeping up valuable investment pieces, cherished collectibles and one-of-a-kind antique rugs. At Nazmiyal, our Manhattan New York City based conservators and rug cleaning experts have been selected for their experience, expert knowledge and unsurpassed attention to detail.

For the last 30 years our professional antique carpet cleaning service, in NYC, has been a provider for local and regional customers seeking the highest quality service.

If your vintage rug, semi-antique or antique carpet is stained, soiled or simply requires a regular cleaning, we can restore its natural beauty. Before entering our antique rug cleaning workshop, we evaluate each item to determine the level of cleaning required and identify any risks to sensitive fibers or reactive dyes.

Natural fibers and many dyes react to different substances and temperatures. That’s why it’s important to select an experienced antique rug cleaning service that can create a specially tailored process for cleaning your antique rugs, family heirlooms and investment pieces.

As one of the area’s top rug cleaners, we specialize in cleaning antique rugs, Oriental and Persian carpets as well as and textiles from many parts of the world. Our antique rug cleaning experts control every aspect of the cleaning and drying process to suit each rug. Our conservators are familiar with handling all types of natural fibers and sensitive dyes as well as cleaning antique rugs made from multiple materials.

Effective old rug cleaning includes procedures to remove deeply embedded particles trapped in the carpet’s surface. Many antique Oriental rugs undergo aqueous cleaning with temperature-controlled water, non-reactive cleansing agents and specially formulated sequestering agents to prevent bleeding and fading. We also complete gentle dry cleaning procedures to keep your delicate antique rugs and textiles clean and beautiful.

Antique Rug Cleaners in NYC

Museums, interior designers and private antique rug collectors trust the antique rug cleaners at Nazmiyal to handle regular cleanings, intensive stain removal procedures and all their antique Oriental rug care needs. Our team of rug cleaning experts has spent years developing techniques to clean and restore irreplaceable rugs and investment pieces.

For the past 30 years Nazmiyal has been one of the best and most trusted professional antique rug cleaners in New York City with a team specializing in antique rug care, vintage rug cleaning and semi-antique pieces.

At Nazmiyal’s specially designed rug cleaning facilities, our expert conservators carefully evaluate each rug to determine the ideal cleaning method. Factors that affect how your rug will be cleaned include its size, geographic origin, construction techniques, fiber content, age and dyes. Once these parameters have been established, the antique rug cleaning process begins with dry dusting to physically remove dirt from deep within the rug’s structure.

Depending on the fiber content and dye types, old rug cleaning procedures include a full immersion in an aqueous cleansing solution or an application of specially formulated dry cleaning solvents that gently remove dirt from the surface of the fiber without causing dye bleed, fading and other vintage rug cleaning problems.

Our antique rug cleaners are well versed in antique rug care methods. We will employ the best techniques and cleaning formulas to handle vegetable dyes, synthetic colors and sensitive fibers. Therefore, dark colors remain dark and light colors remain pure and unaffected by color bleed and washout.

Our professional antique rug cleaners handle each rug with care while adding experience, knowledge and attention to detail to produce the best possible results for each client. Convenient pickup and drop off service is available to many customers in New York City and the surrounding areas.

If you live outside the NY, NJ, CT area, contact us about sending in your carpets for a professional rug cleaning.

The team of antique rug cleaning experts at Nazmiyal has been offering rug cleaning services New York City for decades and working with many discerning clients in the NYC metropolitan area. Contact us to explore how we can help clean, preserve and care for your valuable antique rugs and beloved investment pieces.

Antique Persian Rug Cleaning Experts in NYC

At Nazmiyal, antique carpet care is our specialty. The knowledge and experience gained over the past 30 years have led to proven results from our professional antique rug cleaning team and have allowed us to become one of the top antique Persian rug cleaners in New York City.

As a professional antique Persian rug cleaning company, restoring rugs to their natural state in the gentlest manner possible is our goal for every client. Our experienced conservators are masters at cleaning and caring for antique and semi-antique rugs from all rug producing nations.

Our Persian rug cleaning services are specially designed workshop and restoration studio that can accommodate the smallest decorative rugs and largest room-sized carpets. We provide every customer with the highest level of service from the initial pick up through final delivery.

Every rug cleaning project begins with a comprehensive assessment to ensure the colors glow and the pile feels soft and silky upon completion. Removing dirt from the carpet fibers is only half of the cleaning process. We carefully execute every step of the washing and drying sequence to ensure all finished carpets are thoroughly clean.

Antique Rug Cleaners in New York

Regular antique rug cleanings improve the condition of natural fibers and maximize the beauty of carpets. At Nazmiyal, our conservators and old rug cleaning experts have decades of experience cleaning antique rugs, carpets, kilims and regional textiles for clients in New York City and the surrounding areas, including Greenwich, Connecticut, Bergen County and Monmouth County, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester County and many other areas.

Our antique rug cleaners are experienced with restoring and cleaning all types of rugs and textiles. Professionally washing antique rugs and vintage rugs made from wool and natural fibers removes atmospheric pollutants and dirt while replenishing the moisture that keeps fibers strong and supple.

Antique Rug Cleaners By Nazmiyal NYC

Antique Rug Cleaners in New York City

The natural fibers used to create carpets have a number of remarkable characteristics. Each material requires specialized cleaning procedures to release dirt and return the fibers to a naturally clean state without compromising the stability and structure. The typical rug contains a large percentage of sand and dirt along with smaller amounts of dust and resins that adhere to the surface.

Before washing, most rugs in our rug cleaning workshop will undergo a thorough dry dusting to remove deeply embedded particles before traditional cleansing agents are applied. During the washing process, the moistened fibers swell and dirt trapped on the surface is easily removed.

Hiring a professional antique carpet cleaning company to hand wash your valuable rugs is an effective way to remove surface dirt while moistening and reinvigorating the fibers and ensuring your investment pieces look their best.

With over 30 years of experience, antique rug owners have trusted their valuable rugs, carpets, and textiles to our team of antique rug cleaners in New York City. If you have a old rug in need of a regular three- to five-year cleaning or specialized treatment to remove stains or ground in dirt, we invite you to contact us about our regional antique rug cleaning services for customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Nazmiyal Antique Carpet Cleaning Experts in NYC

For the past three decades, Nazmiyal has been one of the top antique carpet cleaning experts and most trusted antique rug care company in New York City and the surrounding area.

Our rug cleaning experts and professional conservators specialize in all aspects of rug cleaning services. From regular cleanings to intensive stain removal procedures to repairs and major rug restoration projects. We specialize in repairing, maintaining, cleaning and caring for all antique rugs, kilims and textile investments.

Our in-house team of antique carpet cleaning experts is trusted by the most discerning rug owners and respected collectors. We handle all rug cleaning procedures, carpet repairs and preservation efforts. Our state of the art washroom and restoration workshop are equipped to clean, repair and restore any piece from your collection, including kilims, silk rugs, carpets made with specialized techniques and delicate pieces more than 100 years of age.

Antique Carpet Cleaning Experts by Nazmiyal NYV

Antique Carpet Cleaning Experts in NYC

From regular cleanings to major restoration projects, our antique rug care experts are well versed in all aspects of cleaning, repairing and caring for antique rugs. Our comprehensive rug care services begin with a complete assessment. Then we will select the best cleaning method that is appreciative of the rug’s structure, geographic origin and current condition.

When necessary, we stabilize weak areas and employ protective cloths to minimize wear and unnecessary friction. Our rug cleaning experts are attentive to the special needs of every unique carpet.

Our rug cleaning services include a complete dry dusting, gentle hand washing, temperature-controlled rinsing and drying. When appropriate, we employ stain removal agents and gentle dry cleaning solvents. These solvents are specially formulated for cleaning silk rugs and items made with sensitive dyes.

Our experts regularly repair fringes, missing selvages, damaged borders, holes, tears and various types of physical damage.

Our antique carpet cleaning experts are prepared to handle regular rug cleaning. We are also ready to tackle preventative repairs and major restoration projects. Contact us today to learn more about sending your treasured carpets and rugs to our New York City rug care experts.

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