Rose Antique Romania Bessarabian Rug 50465

Size: 7 ft x 12 ft 5 in (2.13 m x 3.78 m)

Antique Romania Bessarabian Rug, Country of Origin: Romania, Circa Date: 1920’s — Three perfectly stitched bouquets are splayed across the center of this antique Bessarabian rug, each displaying floral red roses, detailed with shaded petals and surrounded by desaturated yellow and green leaves. The light colors are set off strongly against the very dark background, a rich chocolate brown that adds an earthy tone. In each corner, a pair of small pink roses rests over gently curling vines. An exceptionally leafy border features luscious, round red flowers paired with delectable cherries atop pale green fronds, which are anchored on swooping stems. The bright colors add a sugary sensation, a sweet counterpoint to the darkly washed background on this antique rug.

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