Room Sized Antique Garden Design Indian Carpet 50223

Size: 9 ft 1 in x 11 ft 10 in (2.77 m x 3.61 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Antique Indian Garden Design Carpet, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: 1900 — Flawless geometry and a magnificent intricate pattern define this beautiful Agra carpet. Boasting the lush hues singular to Agra carpets, this stunning piece is a study in complexity, richness, and artful beauty. Suggesting a scene of pastoral serenity as evening drifts across the landscape, the borders of the piece mimic fields and orchards. A pale cerulean cross patterned with a stunning crimson medallion dominates the center. Lushly hued and exquisitely detailed, this singular antique rug ensures a richly beautiful statement piece.

Paradise is a garden. This is a recurring theme in Persian poetry and literature and it is the organizing symbolism in this carpet woven in India. The architectonic vertical and horizontal axes are schematic representations of waterways that course through a verdant garden with a fountain at their intersection, here have rendered as a small medallion. These rivulets contain abstract images of fish and a graphic visual texture of ripples on water. Stylized willows line the canals and a series of cypresses form the border, encircling the garden in a noble expression of architecture and nature in a single carpet.

Subtle camel tones fill the quartered field with deep indigo edges and harmonious highlights of beige and slate gray.

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