Depressed Warps

Depressed Warps In Antique Rugs

How Rugs and Carpets are Made

Depressed Warps – Structure of rugs

Depressed Warps – Before introducing the horizontal wefts, the successive, parallel vertical warps on the loom are all on one level, determined by the horizontal loom bars that they wrap around.

When the wefts is introduced if it is put in loosely with minimal tension, it literally snakes its way over and under each warp across the loom. If, however, the wefts is pulled tightly from either side, it will displace the warps through which it passes into two levels, one upper, one lower.

Depressed Warps by Nazmiyal
Rug Weaver

On the back of the rug, this bi-level structure will appear to have a ribbed or corrugated surface with an upper warp and a lower or ‘depressed’ warp. In cases were the wefts are pulled absolutely tight, the depressed warps may not even show on the back of the rug. Many city rugs, especially those made in Persia have this structure.

It results in a stiffer, denser weave that is less supple or flexible and which will lie more flatly on the floor without buckling or wrinkling. This is a highly desirable structure for room-sized rugs in high traffic areas.