Red And Blue Allover Geometric Design Oversized Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug 72565

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Size: 13 ft 5 in x 21 ft 5 in (4.09 m x 6.53 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Phenomenal Red And Blue Allover Geometric Design Oversized Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug, Country of origin: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1900 – The antique Persian Serapi rugs are favorites in the world of Persian rugs. Designers love them for their brilliant, high-contrast designs and bold color palettes. They often feature designs with layers of detail, giving the eye something new to see every time you look at it. This rug is a breathtaking piece with a diverse palette that ranges from warmer to cooler colors.

The design is packed with ancient symbols and motifs that have been a part of the rug-making tradition for centuries. Serapi rugs were once a favorite among the early colonists and were used in many government buildings. You can even find them in the White House. Today, their use has extended to include almost any contemporary style. You can still find them as the centerpiece in rooms with traditional and classic furniture styles.

Serapi rugs are stately, but they still have a tribal quality that gives them charm. The area surrounding Serab is a rugged landscape that provides durable wool and abundant plant materials to create gorgeous colors. One of the key features of Serapi rugs is the multi-lobed central medallion. You can often see other features borrowed from surrounding areas.

Rugs from Serab often have a more rustic feel than those from other areas of the Heriz region. This is what gives them an appeal that designers love. Serapi rugs range from those created in formal workshops in the area to those woven in the homes of families. Those that are woven in homes are often less formal and display a higher level of individualism. Those woven in workshops often have design elements that are laid out precisely and often bear a greater resemblance to the formal rugs of Heriz.

This rug has the formality of the Heriz workshop rugs, but the minor motifs have the spontaneity of family-woven rugs. Around 1900, when this rug was created, Serapi rugs began to fade in popularity. They were replaced by the more formal Heriz rugs. This rug is a rare find because it combines formal and tribal elements. It is a beautiful piece to bring color to your space and create an elegant room design.

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