Oversized Antique Khorassan Persian Tree Of Life Rug 41935

Size: 13 ft x 22 ft 2 in (3.96 m x 6.76 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A stylized Tree of Life pattern decorated with pairs of auspicious birds decorates this large and formally-styled Khorassan carpet.

Muted Earth Tone Oversized Antique Khorassan Persian Tree Of Life Rug, Country of Origin: Persian, Circa Date:  Late 19th century – Tree of life carpets always holds a special place among collectors and aficionados of Persian carpets. This one is from the late 1800s and is an undeniably beautiful piece. This carpet has a fine weave that allowed an intricate design, but this carpet is even more special. Aside from its exquisite design and beautiful colors, this carpet contains a story within a story. It is even more special than many of the tree of life carpets better available.

The Tree of Life carpets reflect a reference to the story of the Garden of Eden and the abundance of life on earth. It is meant to spark a feeling of human connection with the divine. The overall design of a Tree of Life carpet has a significant meaning that is understood by almost anyone around the globe. However, the artist for this carpet included symbols that have a specific meaning and tell a unique hidden story within the Garden of Eden theme.

Of particular note is the inclusion of a nest of baby birds being cared for and guarded by their parents. It is as if the fledglings still need the protection to grow into full-fledged adults. Birds have special meaning, as do the various flowers and leaves found throughout the Tree of Life. Birds are also seen, which can represent fertility, faith, and immortality.

This antique carpet has a mihrab design and was intended for prayer and to evoke a connection with the divine. Along the top of the mihrab, you will see amulets, which are a protection symbol. The blue color placed at the top of the design is reminiscent of the heavens, which suggests that the amulets may indicate a call for heavenly protection of the fledglings and life within the garden.

Another notable point is the inclusion of beautiful irises at the base of the carpet. Irises are a symbol of religious freedom. We may never know the full meaning of the message that the artist intended, but it is certainly a topic that sparks the imagination. Among the floral motifs, you can also see the lotus, which is a sign of immortality and the hyacinth, which is a symbol of regeneration, rebirth, and renewal.

The symbolism within the symbolism of this Khorassan carpet gives it a unique layer that creates a mystery surrounding what the artist intended to convey. Regardless of the intended message, it is a beautiful piece carried out in exquisite detail. The color combination and design of this carpet make it a unique piece for a private collection or for public display, and the symbolism gives it a fascinating story to tell.

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