Modern Turkish Oushak Design Area Rug 11386

Size: 7 ft 9 in x 10 ft 2 in (2.36 m x 3.1 m)

Magnificent Modern Turkish Oushak Design Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs  – Turkish Oushak rugs have inspired designers for hundreds of years. Designers love these traditional masterpieces with their ethnic designs and bold floral elements. This rug is a modern piece that was inspired by the beautiful designs of Oushak rugs. It is a perfect foundation for a tribal-inspired design or if you want a splash of summer florals in your space.

The design of this rug is based on traditional rug designs that have been classics throughout the ages. This artist brought together the elements that reflect what people have loved about them through the years, only in a way that is suitable for modern tastes. The artist kept the large-scale abstract floral elements that you find on traditional Oushak rugs, but in colors that are perfect for contemporary spaces.

Instead of the bold backgrounds and high-contrast color palette, the artist substituted a more subdued one that is perfect for modern interior designs. If you are an aficionado of minimalist design and are not ready to part ways with your neutral walls and floors, this rug is an excellent way to add a touch of muted color to the space. The tones include spicy reds and blues that allow you to keep a natural feel and the coziness that you adore.

Today’s style trends continue to evolve in a way that honors the natural world and brings elements of it to the indoor space. The abstract floral design of this rug would be an excellent way to add variety to a space with other garden-inspired designs.

One trend that is expected to be big next year is piling on the floral wallpaper in mixed patterns. This rug would add balance to this design by drawing attention to the floor. This is a versatile rug that is based on a classic design. It will allow you to embrace a style that is a reflection of your personal tastes and is a perfect way to give your room an uplift.

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