Modern Scandinavian Inspired Swedish Kilim Rug 48761

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft 5 in (2.74 m x 3.78 m)

Modern Swedish Kilim Rug , Circa Date: Modern– Staggered figures in dark red, blue, orange and brown cross the pale yellow body of this modern Swedish rug. The design of the pattern is formed of overlapping shapes in mid-tones that create more richly colored centers, which resemble paper lanterns that are lit to reveal translucent edges. Diminutive orange rectangles stud the spaces between the shapes, adding brightness and warmth in clearly defined spots on the modern rug. A light orange rectangular trim rests over the pattern to create an inner border that defines the shape of the piece. A matching outer band encloses the whole, which is ultimately accented with slim, dark brown bars above and below.

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