Modern Wagireh Sampler Rug 61011

Size: 4 ft 1 in x 6 ft (1.24 m x 1.83 m)

Modern Wagireh Sampler Rug, Country of Origin: India, Circa date: Modern – The fascinating design of this modern wagireh sampler rug from India is an ideal example of the skillful artistic combination of natural motifs. Displayed in rich earthy colors and textures, these plant, animal and symbolic patterns offer an engaging and inspiring visual montage.

As a sampler, the wagireh is a custom rug template illustrating a pattern for a weaver to follow to create a full size rug. A wagireh can be compared to a detailed sketch for painting a mural. One can only imagine the dynamic artistry and visual impact of the finished large-size version of this vibrant carpet design.

This richly patterned modern area rug from India exhibits an exotic design that combines a variety of motifs, including flowering plants, vines, cultural and spiritual symbols, folklore figures and elements of regal lifestyles. The detailed, intricate design is a lovely elegant montage of traditional and aristocratic emblems and earthy, simplistic representations of nature.

For example, the lush floral patterns woven throughout the overall composition and included in the border designs are abundant, depicting natural purity and beauty. The symbolic and stylized animal motifs lend a strong influence of enduring legend and folklore. Decorative arabesques and carefully replicated shapes, both symmetrical and organic, create a luxurious overall style of lavish elegant opulence.

This lovely carpet’s characteristic color scheme in multiple tones of rust, beige, red and brown aligns with traditional Indian carpet designs while pleasing modern collectors and consumers. The attention to intricate detail and wide array of design elements composing this fascinating carpet pattern offer an exquisite example of the fine art of modern Indian rug weaving.

The vast country of India is home to a population of many diverse histories and cultures. With a long and rich heritage of high achievements and beauty in art, design and crafting, India also has made colorful contributions to the long history of rug weaving. Modern rugs from India feature a wide array of patterns, colors, textures and styles.

Starting with ancient and traditional art and design, the antique Indian rugs boast motifs and color schemes were distinctly regional. Rulers during the country’s Mughal period encouraged the development of formality and consistency in art and rug design. Their goal was to make India a worldwide leader in art and design, and they were successful.

The designs of Persian and Turkish rugs and textiles were major influences on the development of carpet designs in India. These strong influences preceded the founding of significant rug weaving centers in Kashmir, Jaipur, Agra and other locations. This emphasis on rug designs and weaving resulted in the creation of an Indian design based on traditional patterns and textures that we see in the magnificent and iconic Persian area rugs.

The varied regional rug designs that evolved across India displayed their own unique beauty, style, elegance and excellence. Even the early rug designs of India are notable for their inclusion of Persian elements along with Indian motifs of tigers, elephants, other animals and floral patterns.

The rug industry in India thrived from the 16th through the 18th centuries. At this point in history, entrepreneurs from Europe and America realized the lucrative appeal of these unique rug designs, creating factories to mass-produce these stunning rugs.

This luxurious modern Indian rug design exhibits beautifully detailed motifs in vibrant earthy colors. It reflects a joyful sensibility of life, energy and beauty displayed in complex patterns of animals, plants and spiritualistic symbols.

India produced a large volume of Art Deco rug designs in the 1920’s as well as mid-century modern carpets during the 1950’s and ‘60s. Over these years, the Indian rug weaving industry adapted skillfully to new trends while maintaining distinctive Indian motifs and patterns. This exquisite, elegant rug continues the ongoing celebration of the uniquely Indian style.

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