Modern Persian Rustic Flat Weave Rug 60097

Size: 5 ft 5 in x 6 ft 7 in (1.65 m x 2.01 m)

Such a Beautiful Rustic Coloration Modern Flat Weave Persian Kilim Area Rug, Country Woven In: Persia, Circa: A Modern / New Area Rug – A welcome colorful addition, this rustic rug stands apart from most other modern Persian flat weaves in a few significant ways. For one, it is exceptionally bright in terms of color tone. Most modern rugs go for muted colors that try to blend into the background. Other rugs are more subtle and not quite as bold as this one.

Aside from being unique, there are plenty of reasons why this vivid color scheme could be more appealing to you. You’ll know exactly what it fits with and what it doesn’t. With other rugs, it is hard to tell if they match the tone of a room because they can be a bit bland. It is only until you’ve bought them that you realize something does is wrong. However, with this rug, you know exactly where it fits and where it does not. Additionally, the intense colors pay tribute to the ancient Persian carpets. Those were made famous because of their dazzling colors that only the wealthiest people could afford.

Another thing that makes this modern Persian rug stand out is its limited design. Unlike other contemporary Persian rugs, it does not feature a variety of bold lines or geometric patterns. Instead, it almost looks like a solid block of salmon-colored thread. Upon closer inspection, there are deliberately dark shades of pink and white interspersed throughout the carpet. In fact, some delicate work was done to create a small thin white line across the rug. It appears three times in evenly spaced segments. Many other modern Persian rugs incorporate repeating lines like that in their design. Even this unique carpet left a small, subtle nod to its counterparts.

Wondering which room would be the best fit for this rug? Because of its bold color choices, this Persian rug adds a bright flair to any room it decorates without being gaudy. The pink salmon tone is vivid, but not a neon pink that would blind your eyes. In fact, compared to many other modern rugs, its color palette is downright formal. The best place for a rug like this is entertainment centers, living rooms, and bedrooms. In particular, rooms with dark furniture like black couches and ceilings would offset the dark pink wonderfully.

This flat weave modern Persian kilim rug is simply a wonderful example of weaving sophistication. With its minimalist approach, this example is a testament to the Persian rug weaver who created it.

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