Modern Geometric Light Sky blue Background Tribal Contemporary Area Rug 11340

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Size: 8 ft 7 in x 10 ft 1 in (2.62 m x 3.07 m)

Charming Modern Geometric Light Sky blue Background Tribal Contemporary Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Blue is a color that the design world has seen in a range of color combinations over the last few years. It is a color that instantly creates a natural feeling and a sense of calm. In the natural world, it is the color of earth, sky, and brilliant flowers. This magnificent blue rug with a primitive, geometric design is the perfect foundation for creating a space that feels serene and relaxed.

For several years, designers added blues to grays and neutrals. This color combination found its way into Minimalist, Scandinavian, and Ultra Modern styles. Now, the retro combination of brown and blue is back to add more warmth to the design. This allows you to expand your neutral color palette even further.

The geometric design of this rug gives it rhythm and form. The shapes provide a sense of direction and give it a primitive feel. The simplicity of the design makes it perfect for Scandinavian room styles and for spaces where you want to add an earthy feel.

Biophilic design is a term that has recently entered the design vocabulary. It refers to adding elements that are a reflection of the natural world and recreating the feeling we get when we are outdoors. This is achieved through adding nature-inspired colors, curvy shapes, greenery, and pieces made from natural materials. This rug is an excellent foundation for adding a sustainable design to your home.

The earthy blues, grays, and browns of this piece shift in a way that adds flow and movement to the piece. This is balanced and grounded by the rigid geometric shapes. One of the key design trends for this year is adding a mixture of curves and hard lines. For instance, you might try a modern curved sofa with an angular pendant lamp in metal. Adding this beautiful rug and a few large plants helps to ease the transition to a room that one where you will want to spend your time in.

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