Modern Contemporary Tribal Geometric Rustic Hallway Runner Rug 11045


Size: 2 ft 11 in x 9 ft 10 in (0.89 m x 3 m)

Elegant Modern Contemporary Tribal Geometric Rustic Hallway Runner Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Over the past few years, plain neutral walls and minimalist design have set the standard. Now, even minimalists are starting to want a little more color in their space, but most still have a limit. This gorgeous runner rug is perfect for those who need a little color infusion that is on the lighter side. The soft, muted colors of this tribal rug will let you add just the right amount to your palette without going too far.

This rug was inspired by the rugs of Western Anatolia that have been favorites for hundreds of years. Turkish Oushak rugs are known for their bold, abstract floral patterns. These patterns were inspired by the carpets that once found their home on the floors and walls of palaces and estates. The artist who created this piece took inspiration from these treasured rug designs and updated them to fit modern tastes.

The design is subtle, and the colors add a soft touch. This long and narrow area rug is perfect for a hallway, along a wall, or as a layer on top of another rug. The rug makes the perfect foundation for your collection of plants and favorite tribal pieces.

This rug is versatile and has an earthy feel. It makes an excellent addition to your Boho Chic room or for a contemporary one. One of the trends this year is adding pieces to your space that give it a human touch. This one is a unique piece that honors ancient traditions in a way that fits into modern interior design. Turkish Oushak rugs were known for their bold designs and vibrant colors. This rug lets you have the tribal look you want only in a softer color palette. This rug is perfect for adding a touch of color to your minimalist design. It adds a feeling of timeless charm to any space, making it a perfect piece for expressing your style.

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