Modern Artistic Tibetan Tiger Rug 71594

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft 3 in (0.61 m x 0.99 m)

Artistically Woven Beautiful Modern Tibetan Tiger Rug, Country / Origin: Tibet, Circa Date: ModernTiger rugs were once an important part of Tibetan culture. Real tiger skins and animal pelts were prized possessions, and they were often given as gifts to lamas, kings, and high-ranking noblemen. Gods in Tibetan culture were often pictured riding tigers. Tigers are traditional symbols of power with many myths associated with them. Now, real tiger skins have been replaced with woven depictions of tigers, but they hold the same significance and meaning.

The rugs from Tibet that feature the tiger design have become an important style trend in Asian art and interior design. They embody the traditions and folklore associated with antique tiger rugs, but they allow tigers to remain an important living part of our world culture. This magnificent modern piece was made in Tibet and is small enough to serve as an accent rug or as a piece of wall art.

This rug is a perfect addition to Asian décor, but it would also make an excellent piece for a tribal-inspired design. The artwork has a distinctive Asian character, making this a delightful piece for any room that needs a touch of the orient.

This is a beautiful modern rug that will serve as a conversation piece in any room. You could easily use it under a glass-top coffee table, in front of a sofa, or as a soft landing for your feet in the morning. This rug is an excellent addition to any room of the home.

Tibetan rugs with tiger designs were once only found in Asia and did not make their way to the Western world until 1979 when the Newark Museum purchased its first tiger rug. Now, they have become an important part of interior design throughout the United States. This tiger rug is a charming piece that will allow you to add an Asian element to your interior design in a way that is sustainable and eco-friendly. This is the perfect rug for your home, office, or creative space.

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