Palace Size Fine Silk And Wool Persian Nain Carpet 50689

Size: 20 ft 6 in x 35 ft (6.25 m x 10.67 m)
Style: Nain Rugs

Vintage silk and wool Persian Nain carpets like this are legendary for the minute precision of their weave and the classical perfection of their design.

Vintage Palace Size Finely Woven Silk And Wool Persian Nain Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rugs, Circa Date: Middle Part of the 20th Century – Nothing stands out like the beauty of a silk carpet. This spectacular carpet comes from one of the most picturesque cities in Iran. It is located just east of Isfahan, one of the established court weaving centers of the Safavid Dynasty. The weavers of Nain established themselves as weavers of the highest class. This carpet was produced in the mid-20th century and is a magnificent piece. Nain carpets are known for their high knot density and level of detail in their designs. The patterns are similar to those found in Isfahan, using a central medallion with pendants, formal corners and multiple layers of borders. The backgrounds are filled with exquisite floral patterns, saz leaves and gracefully undulating vines.

One of the key design characteristics of these carpets is that the areas of design are not only designated by a different background color; the scale of the floral design changes, too. The motifs themselves changes size, with bigger ones filling larger areas of the carpet and smaller ones in the smaller areas. They change size and density according to the space that needs to be filled. This is one of the characteristics that distinguish these carpets from those in other areas of Persia, and it shows a high level of artistry. This masterful attention to detail, and the use of silk, allows carpets from Nain to achieve a level of detail that few other areas of the world can reproduce. The high knot density of the carpets produced in Nain gives them a suppleness, and yet creates a strong and durable fabric. Silk is known for its strength, ability to accept dyes, to resist fading and to be spun into a fine thread. The weft of Nain carpets is often of wool and silk combined. This gives it the soft, warm qualities of the wool and the design and strength qualities of the silk.

It is not unusual for Nain carpets to reach knot counts of upwards of 700 knots per square inch or more. The colors of Nain carpets also make them stand out. Often silk is used to outline the shapes because of the brilliance of the whites. Nain carpets often have a pile that is clipped short to allow the design to remain crisp and clear. A carpet such as this might have taken a team of weavers several years to complete.

This classic design is a versatile Persian carpet with a classic look and feel. It is exquisitely executed in its design and quality. It is a piece of exceptionally large scale, but also shows a high level of detail that is unique to Nain carpets. It is one of those pieces where high-quality materials, craftsmanship, design and color come together to produce one of those exceptional pieces that seem to touch the sublime. This is one of those carpets that will take your breath away when you walk into the room.

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