Light Blue And Creamy White Tribal Geometric Modern Room Size Rug 11465

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Size: 9 ft 7 in x 11 ft 8 in (2.92 m x 3.56 m)

A Beautifully Artistic Light Blue And Creamy White Color Tribal Geometric Modern Room Size Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Things are changing in the world of interior design, modern rugs like this one will allow you to give your room an update that feels natural and grounded. The classic blue and light cream colors of the design go this rug will inspire you to explore retro themes or come up with something new. The rug has a tribal feel with an abstract design that feels primitive and adds interest.

Blue and gray used to be the standard in minimalist designs. Blues create a feeling of calm, and the cooler colors add to this feeling. Now, neutrals are drifting toward warmer colors, such as browns. The more captivating contemporary area rugs, this this example, give you a way to add a cozy feel to your neutral color scheme. This will make the space feel more calm and relaxed.

This is an artistic piece with a modern design. It seems to evolve organically and reflects the choices of the artist as they wove the piece. It has a hand-woven quality that you cannot get on manufactured pieces. Room designs are moving away from mass-produced pieces toward ones that have an artisan quantity and unique design. This piece adds a human touch to your room and makes it feel more connected.

When it comes to furniture and accessories, you have many options when it comes to this piece. You could pair it with cream furniture or dark leather for a different feel. A collection of baskets on the wall and a few plants will complement this rug and bring elements of the natural world to the interior space. It also pairs well with an overstuffed chair and pouf.

The geometric design of this rug is contemporary but also has a primitive feel with its design based on simple shapes and lines. The neutral colors of the rug open a range of design possibilities for lovers of neutrals. One of the most important trends in interior design is creating a space that makes you feel relaxed, and this versatile rug gives you many options.

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