Large Size Geometric Chevron Design Modern Area Rug 11868

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Size: 13 ft 8 in x 17 ft 7 in (4.17 m x 5.36 m)

Jaw Dropping Large Size Geometric Chevron Design Modern Area Rug, Country Of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rugs – Neutrals and earth tones still dominate the world of minimalist design, but this large size rug provides that it does not have to be dull. This beautiful, unique rug is a vibrant piece in muted tones that reflect the latest interior color trends. Earth-inspired palettes in every color can be seen in design styles from mid-century modern to Scandinavian. This is a magnificent modern rug with a color palette that lets you expand beyond the basic neutrals but still keep the tranquility that you create in the space.

Browns are currently at center stage for their warmth and ability to create a sense of calm. They remind you of the colors found in nature, and this rug gives you many options for creating a space that is organic and still filled with beautiful and inspiring colors. Browns are being paired with organic greens, soft peaches, and soothing blues. A hint of grapefruit citrus adds a lighter touch.

One feature of this rug is that makes it perfect for today’s palettes with a range of hues and tones. It would be difficult to find an earthy color that is not in this modern geometric design rug, creating almost endless possibilities for a nature-inspired color palette. You could choose to focus on one, or you might wish to include as many as you can. The choice is up to you, and the best part is that you can have a colorful room without straying from muted, neutral tones.

The design is primitive and highlights the human connection. The design is calming and the colors create a warmth that could be used anywhere in the home from the living area to the bedroom. Modern rugs like this one would also make an excellent option for a home office or creative space. This contemporary area rug also lets you go light and airy or dark and mysterious. It all depends on the look and feel you wish to create. This is a magnificent piece that is a perfect foundation to spark your imagination and design savvy.

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