Large Geometric Tribal Design Decorative Contemporary Area Rug 11687

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Size: 11 ft 1 in x 15 ft 1 in (3.38 m x 4.6 m)

Amazing Large Geometric Tribal Design Decorative Contemporary Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Style trends come and go, but one thing that remains constant is that our interior spaces have to be places where we can relax and recharge. For years, neutral tones have been the gold standard in how to achieve this in our interior spaces, and they still are today. This gorgeous brown and beige rug shows that even though it is neutral, it does not have to be bland. This gorgeous piece adds energy and depth to an otherwise neutral palette in the space.

The design of the rug has an ancient, tribal feel. It uses a primitive design concept and adds in shifting colors to give it a dimensional effect. It is reminiscent of the patterns you might expect to see on African textiles or traditional Berber tribal rugs. The tribal feel of this rug is perfect for a Boho Chic room or a room where you want to include pieces that have a sustainable, natural feel.

This rug would pair well with rich leather furniture, natural wood sculptures, and layers of textured textiles. The design of the rug is bold, but it allows you to keep your neutral color palette. This rug could also be used in a transitional space to bridge areas of different styles and eras. In a contemporary space, it could easily bring together a room with modern lighting. You could also use it to tone down an ultra-modern space with glass and metal accents to give it a more inviting and cozy feel.

The artist used black lines to create a striking piece with a modern, graphic quality. This rug would be a perfect addition to a Midcentury modern design or a Scandi-style room. Its colors are natural, but the design is bold and dynamic. This is a versatile piece that sparks the imagination and lets you create a space that expresses your unique personality.

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