Large Antique 17th Century Persian Isfahan Carpet 44889

Size: 14 ft x 15 ft (4.27 m x 4.57 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This 17th Century Persian Isfahan Carpet border within a border foundation is enhanced by alternating colors that artisans in 1600’s Persia used to masterfully create depth and flow within a flat plane. This piece is a worthy example of Ancient Persian antiquity, making it a desirable piece that would add majesty to any application.

Magnificent Square Size Antique 17th Century Persian Isfahan Carpet, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 17th Century – This 17th century Persian Isfahan antique rug features an outermost border and has a sand tone background with alternating floral patterns appointed in indigo. There is a thinner band of darker- toned sand, colored pigment broken by an indigo floral pattern. This floral pattern is protruding from the adjacent border, nearer the center. This adjacent band is wider in scale with the same beautiful indigo, but this time as a magnificent background to a floral explosion of color. There are four, fiery rouge, floral impressions in each of its corners. These floral impressions contain light sand tone and blue- grey hues that provide balance not only in symmetry, but also in weight. This band is an anchor for the rectangular heart that is bathed in the same rouge as those impressionistic floral patterns that grace the corners, but as a background to, indigo, burgundy and taupe floral impressions. The washed value of the colors adds to its antique aesthetic.

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