Ivory Floral All Over Design Vintage Persian Tabriz Carpet 50224

Size: 7 ft x 10 ft 8 in (2.13 m x 3.25 m)

Vintage Tabriz Carpet, Persia, Mid 20th Century — A creamy french vanilla plays against a rich, ruby red in this vintage Persian Tabriz carpet, which originates from the 20th century. The craftsmanship shown in this bold work seems to have not aged a day since it was created, with every beautiful detail standing the test of time in the overall canvas’s creative arrangement. Artistic blossoms are represented in fantastic detail, each effortlessly drawing the eye to its nearby partners, allowing the piece to cooperate without the viewer feeling rushed as they inspect the elements. The bold color scheme in this vintage Persian Tabriz rug is accented with deep navy tones, as well as fern greens and charming daffodils, all of which work together further accentuate the bold primary colors present throughout.

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