Handmade Wool Pile Modern Contemporary Cream And Charcoal Color Area Rug 11574


Size: 10 ft x 13 ft 7 in (3.05 m x 4.14 m)

Trendy Handmade Wool Pile Modern Contemporary Cream And Charcoal Color Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This year, style trends are about going big and bold. This beautiful rug has a graphic design and an edgy feel. Everything from checkerboard patterns to new twists on geometrics is in, and this rug will give your space a look that is modern and trendy.

The design of this rug features a classic black-and-white color scheme, but its artistry is what draws the eye and creates a statement. The design of the rug is based on a classic horizontal stripe pattern. You can see hints of an animal print, or perhaps a wall splattered with dripping paint. From a distance, it might look like light and shadow as seen through a set of blinds.

This rug conveys a range of imagery based on the perspective of the view, making it a highly imaginative and creative piece. The piece is split almost evenly between black and white dominance, with drips of the contrasting color invading the space of the opposite. This gives it an urban look that sets the tone for a contemporary space.

This piece is imaginative and will help you create a space that is a reflection of you. Pieces that make a bold statement are in, and this one will give the room the uplift that it needs. The design is all about balance. It is about the balance between light and shadow. The piece also balances hard edges with a touch of the organic world in the intrusion of the opposite color. In this way, it achieves what many Midcentury Modern designers set out to do. It represents elements of the manmade world and natural world in the same piece.

This is a fascinating ultra-modern rug that will give the room a dynamic and contemporary feel. The rug has movement and would make an excellent centerpiece for your modern room design. It would also create an impact in a transitional space or one where you want to show off your design flair.

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