Handmade Modern Geometric Design Wool Pile Contemporary Area Rug 11668


Size: 10 ft 7 in x 13 ft 10 in (3.23 m x 4.22 m)

Trendy Handmade Modern Geometric Design Wool Pile Contemporary Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Animal prints are once again popping up in interior designs, and there is a good reason for this. Animal prints have been a staple in the fashion industry for many years, and now, this trend is making its way into home decor. If you are an animal print lover, this rug lets you add bold primitive stripes to your room with this modern abstract rug.

Statement pieces are back and animal rugs are the perfect way to make a statement in your space. Animal prints are fun, and this one will lighten up the space. You no longer have to limit animal prints to accessories and throw pillows. They can be used to make an impact on walls and floors.

One of the latest trends is pieces that mimic animal prints but that are not a realistic representation. They add a hint of the natural world and give the room a primitive flavor. Some might still be shy about adding the animal print theme to their room decor, and this rug is the perfect answer. Its abstract pattern has a touch of edginess, but it also has a natural flow that softens the impact.

This rug will help you add variety in pattern to a layered black-and-white room. You could also use this rug as a foundation for adding other saturated colors throughout the space. It will give your room a feeling of depth and texture. The blacks are paired with creams and light browns that give it a feeling of warmth. This rug is an excellent way to add edginess to a minimalist room in neutrals. If you love African-inspired decor, this rug gives you a way to add to your collection in a non-traditional way. It will give your space a modern and updated look that you will love.

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