Geometric Contemporary Silk Wool Rug 60920

Size: 4 ft 11 in x 7 ft 2 in (1.5 m x 2.18 m)

Breathtaking Geometric Modern Contemporary Silk And Wool Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This gorgeous, modern area rug features a design that was inspired by traditional Persian rugs that go back centuries. It features gorgeous colors, and the artist gave it a distressed look for a classic, timeless look. This is the perfect rug for a room that combines both traditional and modern elements.

The events of the past several years have caused many changes in our lives, and interior designs are reflecting these changes with a return to classic designs and styles from generations past. As such, Persian, Turkish, and oriental rugs are making their way into a range of contemporary design styles. The classic design of this modern area rug from India is loosely based on a traditional design that goes back centuries.

This modern silk area rug will give the room a vintage feel. Silk rugs have a soft feel underfoot and catch the natural light in the room. They enhance the design and change throughout the day for a light and airy look. The repetition of its design, along with its precision and craftsmanship, gives this rug a calm and structured look. It is enough to break up the harsh edges of a contemporary room design, and it will give structure to a curvier and more loosely connected one, too.

In a neutral, minimalist room this rug would be the perfect centerpiece. It gives it just enough pattern without overpowering the neutral tones and soft textures throughout the space. Velvet furniture is being combined with modern materials like steel, stone, and glass. This rug would make an excellent addition to the room with its natural tone and soft texture. It will also add its own luminescence to the space for an energetic feel for productivity or relaxation.

Oriental themed rugs are a perfect addition to a grand millennial space that features traditional furniture styles and updated Upholstery. This silk and wool rug will give an updated look to your contemporary or traditional home.

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