Gallery Size Primitive Geometric Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 72279


Size: 5 ft 2 in x 13 ft 6 in (1.57 m x 4.11 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Kars Rugs

Beautiful Gallery Size Primitive Geometric Vintage Turkish Kars Rug, Origin: Turkey, Circa date: Vintage – Kars is a city in northeastern Turkey that has played a key role in the rug industry since the 16th century. The city has been home to people from many different cultures, all of whom influenced the beautiful geometric carpet designs of the area. This rug is a beautiful example that shows the distinctive neutral colors and bold patterns that make rugs from this region stand out.

Kars has been under Armenian, Seljuk, and Ottoman occupation throughout the ages, and all of these cultures have made their mark on carpet design in the area. Kars rugs also draw inspiration from rugs found in the Caucasian region and other rugs woven in Armenia. Its neutral browns are typical for this type of rug, which makes it the perfect piece to give the finishing touch to a neutral room.

This year, shades of brown are a popular choice in today’s interiors. In today’s style trends, they are paired with classics, such as blue and other neutrals. They are also found among more vibrant tones where they add a foundation. This rug is perfect for any color combination that includes beiges and grays for a softer palette, or reds and pinks for those who prefer vivid ones.

Turkish rugs are known for their large-scale geometric designs, and the proportions of this rug will make a wide room look narrower. This rug would fit well into a long, narrow space, such as today’s modern kitchen designs or an entranceway. It would also make an excellent addition when used in front of a sofa. This rug is a gorgeous piece that will add an exotic feel to any room of the home.

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