Fine Silk and Gold Thread Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51056

Size: 9 ft 10 in x 13 ft 2 in (3 m x 4.01 m)

Beautiful and Extremely Fine Silk and Gold Thread Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51056, Knots Per Square Inch: 500, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – The regal and luxurious color palette, of this beautiful vintage Tabriz Persian rug , emphasizes warmth and comfort, and the presence of the elegant patterns within create an airy effect, one that stands out against the grounding presence of the borders. The largest frame of this vintage rug is surrounded by smaller ones, creating an outlining effect where the smaller borders draw more attention to the details within the larger one. At the foreground of the largest border, long, symmetrical blossoms line the area, each connecting to the other through the use of other blossoms of varying sizes. These match the theme at the heart of the vintage Persian rug, where a beautiful mandala dominates the very center as it connects to surrounding petals and stems.

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