Fine Luxurious Large Wool and Silk Ivory Background Vintage Floral Tabriz Persian Rug 51157

Size: 12 ft 9 in x 19 ft 7 in (3.89 m x 5.97 m)

True to the style of many Persian vintage Tabriz rugs, this exquisite vintage Persian rug stresses fine details in order to establish strong contrast.

Beautiful Large Ivory Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51157, Knots Per Square Inch KPSI: 500, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th CenturyPersian rugs have made a comeback in recent years and are finding their way into interior designs as the focal point of the room. This striking piece, with its gentle design and neutral tones, looks as if it was created for modern design trends, but this hand-knotted piece was created in the late twentieth century in Tabriz.

The rug-making tradition of Tabriz goes back to the Golden Age of rug weaving during the Safavid dynasty. During this time, Tabriz was established as a center for formal state-operated weaving schools and manufactories to create the court carpets of sultans and noblemen. Many of the traditional designs that come to mind when we think of Persian rugs were developed during that time.

This magnificent piece demonstrates that the weaving looms of Tabriz are still committed to creating pieces of excellent quality and that have masterful designs. This gorgeous piece uses a medallion design, which is one of the designs for which Tabriz weavers are best known. However, the colors of this rug reflect a more modern flavor with its neutral gray background and a gentle blend of pinks, blues, and more earthy tones.

Neutrals are a trend that continues to dominate the world of interior design. However, designers now find inventive ways to introduce just a bit of color. The soft and composed colors of this rug would make the perfect addition to a neutral room, adding just a touch of color, without overpowering it.

The symmetrical, precision of the design of this rug makes it perfect for a formal setting. However, Persian rugs are not limited to formal settings and are finding their way into informal styles such as Boho chic and eclectic, as well. This is the perfect rug for a wide range of contemporary styles.

One of the remarkable features of this vintage rug is its fine level of detail. This carpet has a knot count of about 500 knots per square inch, which allows for an intricacy that enhances its delicate appearance. This is the perfect vintage piece for creating a fresh and soothing feeling in a contemporary space.

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