Fine Intricate Floral Vintage Persian Silk Qum Hallway Runner Rug 72754

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Size: 3 ft 7 in x 12 ft 9 in (1.09 m x 3.89 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Qum Rugs

Magnificent Fine Intricate Floral Vintage Persian Silk Qum Hallway Runner Rug, country of origin: Persian Rugs, Circa date: Vintage – Qum rugs add an elegant and timeless feel to any space, and this one is perfect for a hallway or longer room. The gorgeous colors add a touch of red and a beautiful blend of accent colors. This rug shows the artistry and design skill that allowed Qum rugs to become some of the most collectible in the world, and this holds today as much as it did when they were created.

Several factors are behind the ability of Qum rugs to become design favorites. The first is their quality. They use silk for the pile of the rug, which allows for fine detail and gives them a warm glow. This rug uses a classic all-over design with warm, earthy colors in the field. Brown is a color that continues to gain attention, and now, designers are pairing it with colors that include earthy reds, yellows, and blues. This rug adds a bit of nature to the indoor space and surrounds it with a brighter red that makes it stand out.

Qum weavers are known for their skill and use of quality materials. This ancient city produced three grades of silk, and only the highest grade was used for rugs. The best silk is called “Qum” and offers a luster and softness that gives these rugs their fine character. Qum only began producing rugs in the 1930s. It quickly came to create rugs that rival those produced in rug-weaving cities that have been producing rugs for centuries.

This rug has the signature of the workshop or master weaver who designed this rug, which is a sign of a high-quality rug. The red borders of this rug help to define the space and would make an excellent way to create a path through a room or make a statement in the space. This is an excellent opportunity to add a timeless masterpiece to your collection or home decor.

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