Fine Antique Persian Tehran Rug 49194

Size: 9 ft 7 in x 13 ft (2.92 m x 3.96 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful and Elaborate Fine Antique Persian Tehran Rug, Country of Origin/ Rug Type: Persian Rug  Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This fine Persian rug emphasizes form and flow, resulting in a beautiful galaxy of details, inviting the viewer to take their time and gaze over all of the small and elegant touches the weaver dedicated to the antique rug. A brilliant, fiery primary palette defines the surface of the antique Persian Tehran rug, culminating in the presence of the inky blue that acts as a backdrop and outline to the other elements gracefully arranged throughout. The variations in the red and pomegranate tones adds depth and majesty to the classic medallion deign, allowing the volcanic palette to stand out in an even more pronounced and elegant way.

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