Fine Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Rug 49107

Size: 13 ft x 16 ft (3.96 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Fine Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Rug 49107 Country of Origin/ Rug Type: Persian Rug Circa Date: Late 19th Century – This extremely fine and truly magnificent antique Persian Sarouk Farahan carpet, is a masterpiece which uses a broad variety of colors to convey a unique message of transition and change. The darker tones create a night-scape for the viewer to enjoy, resulting in a profound degree of detail that seems deceptively simple upon first glance. The use of red in this Persian rug amidst the otherwise cool tones results in a pleasant effect, not unlike the appearance of fires in a distance night-scape. From one traditional classic Persian rug element to the next, the who views this piece will undoubtedly see and appreciate the delightful series of forms that feel connected throughout this magnificent antique rug.

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