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Our clients in Germany are invited to view some of the most popular rug and carpet styles from our collection:

Nazmiyal has and makes available to all our German customers, one of the more impressive as well as largest collection of vintage, modern and antique area rugs in the world. We deliver and sell carpets to wealth German customers, area rug dealers in Germany, German rug collectors and the top exclusive high-end German interior designers throughout all of Germany. This rug collection is a comprehensive inventory that consists of both vintage and antique rugs that you will find anywhere (online or offline). We also carry modern area rugs and can custom make rugs for all our German customers. Wealthy carpet collectors in Germany as well as some of the best, most high-end German luxury interior designers and wealthy German customers bought their beautiful area rugs and carpets from Nazmiyal.

For years we have been buying and selling the most beautiful Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other types of vintage, antique and modern rugs to people all over Germany – from Berlin to Frankfurt, Munich to Hamburg, Düsseldorf to Stuttgart and Cologne Bonn. And since Nazmiyal does not charge our German rug buyers for shipping the sold rug to Germany, our German clients have been buying some of the best rugs in the world at prices that are far more affordable than most people would think.

Below we have chose to share with our German rug buyers, few of the current collection of more in-demand /  sought-after types of rugs and beautiful rugs:

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