Early Coptic Egyptian Textile 46642

Size: 0 ft 9 in x 0 ft 7 in (0.23 m x 0.18 m)

This stunning antique Coptic textile features a remarkably advanced and incredibly detailed variety of classical patterns executed in the Copts’ famed brown dyes.

Textile, Egypt, 6th Century – Constructed more than 1,000 years ago, this magnificent relic of antiquity brings history to life. The extraordinarily detailed composition centers on a coffered medallion surrounded by serpentine chains. Interwoven strap work bands filled with ornamental lozenges create a seamless border that supports the central medallion. The handsome selection of flaxen ecru fibers and warm chestnut browns is renowned among Coptic textiles, and scientists are still analyzing compounds to discover exactly how the Copts created such successful brown dyes so long ago. Regal blue cuneiform glyph and exquisite red decorations tempered by age complete the traditional Coptic color palette. These cryptic Egyptian motifs flank the composition along with intricate guard bands that feature crenellated Ankh motifs, which hint at the cultural roots of this historic treasure.

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