Cypress Tree Design Antique Persian Tabriz Floral Rug 72834

Size: 7 ft 8 in x 10 ft 1 in (2.34 m x 3.07 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Eye-Catching Cypress Tree Design Antique Persian Tabriz Floral Rug, Country of origin: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1930’s – The conical shape of the majestic cypress tree is a familiar sight throughout the Middle East. You can see its tops towering above formal gardens and along the entrances to palaces. It is a symbol of everlasting life that has a special place in many cultures, and this rug features these beautiful landscape features in a formal garden setting that adds an elegant touch.

The cypress tree is a favorite motif, and this one is set against a gorgeous blue background that reminds you of the sky and water. Cypress trees can be seen surrounding reflecting pools and standing out against the blue of the sky. The rug has formal fountains that add elegance and grace. The artist who created this rug captured the majesty and awe of the cypress in this piece.

This rug is a magnificent addition to a traditional room that features luxurious fabric and antique furniture. Persian rugs always give the room a lift with their beautiful colors and traditional motifs. The blue featured in this rug gives it a soothing feel. Blues are finding their way into many decor styles, and this rug will blend into a palette of gentle blues throughout the space.

Persian rugs complement any room style from classic to modern. This one is perfect to add a vintage feel to a contemporary or transitional space. Persian rugs are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. This rug has a soft texture and will add texture to any room. It is perfect for a dining room or conversation area.

Persian rugs are the work of artists who might take months or years to complete a single piece. They give the room a personal touch that manufactured rugs cannot do. Persian rugs will last for many years, and they are always in style. Designers continue to find new ways to use them, and this one is certain to spark your imagination. It features a classic design that will complement any decor style.

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