A Beautiful Geometric and Tribal Modern  Turkish Oushak Custom Area Rug Sample, Inspired From: Turkish Oushak Rugs 

Rug Weaving Materials: 100% Wool Pile

Primary Color: Ivory

Secondary Color: Yellow / Rust

Weaving Technique: Hand Knotted

Presenting an exquisite and captivating modern recreation, this custom rug draws inspiration from the timeless allure of antique Turkish Oushak designs. Renowned for their desirability and decorative charm, Oushak rugs, in particular, stand out among antique Turkish rugs and carpets. This modern custom version, with its enchanting palette of blues, pinks, and golds, showcases a more primitive interpretation with expansive floral elements throughout, making it especially compelling.

From borders to field, the alluring antique Oushak design custom rug embodies the abstract and tribal qualities that distinguish original Oushak carpets. The subtle asymmetry enhances the primitive charm, emphasizing the quintessential Oushak light creamy ivory field and harmonizing with the soft, subdued tones featured throughout. The gentle and muted qualities exhibited in this rug rank among the finest in any rug.

From every perspective, this modern Oushak design custom rug impresses with its remarkable beauty. The large arts and crafts design evokes a sense of expansiveness and openness, creating a joyful and highly decorative atmosphere. Versatile in its application, this modern rug enhances any room, making it appear more spacious, brighter, and serene.

The original Turkish Oushak rugs were crafted with a lower knot-count, allowing weavers to fashion large and bold patterns. This design approach aligns with contemporary interior design trends favoring large-scale patterns and softer color usage. As a result, these rugs have become popular choices among interior designers.

This modern recreation of the Turkish Oushak rug offers customization options, allowing it to be woven in practically any size, shape, and color. Its adaptability makes it a versatile and excellent choice for various interior design styles and home decor approaches, ensuring it enhances the aesthetic of any space.

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