A Magnificent Tribal Modern Custom Turkish Oushak Rug Sample, , Inspired From: Turkish Oushak Rugs

Rug Weaving Materials: 100% Wool Pile

Primary Color: Coral

Secondary Color: Orange

Weaving Technique: Hand Knotted

This vibrant azure modern custom rug stands as a splendid reimagining of an antique Turkish Oushak rug dating back to 1890. Exhibiting the diverse designs and colors that render original antique Turkish Oushak rugs both decorative and highly sought after, this custom rug boasts a more tribal approach, making it an ideal choice for a Boho chic or organic-inspired design theme.

The roots of Oushak carpet weaving trace back to the 1500s when the Turkish city of Oushak emerged as a formal carpet production center. With access to superior wool boasting a luminescent sheen and a variety of local dye plants, Oushak produced antique rugs that would become some of the world’s most valuable and collectible, maintaining their allure to this day.

A distinguishing feature of original antique Turkish Oushak rugs lies in the weavers’ ability to produce a diverse array of styles and designs. From formal medallion designs to more tribal motifs, as seen in this custom recreation area rug, Oushak rugs reflect a rich tapestry of motifs and regional influences.

The arrangement of motifs and colors in this all-over design suggests a meticulous layout on a pattern due to its symmetry and repetitive rug design patterns. Yet, there’s a sense that the artist infused their own individual touch into the overall design, resulting in a custom rug that showcases the design prowess and colors employed by Oushak’s most talented rug weavers, creating a delightful visual effect.

The breathtaking jewel tones and exquisite design ensure that this modern custom Oushak-inspired rug refuses to fade into the background. Wherever placed, it commands attention and takes center stage. This makes it an ideal piece for a Boho design, leveraging layers of color and texture throughout the room. Equally fitting for a more formal setting, it adds depth and vibrancy to the overall design. Customizable in any size, shape, and color, this modern custom rug allows you to tailor it perfectly to your room’s decor style and size.

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