A Beautiful Modern Persian Bakshaish Custom Made Area Rug Sample, Inspired From: Persian Bakshaish Rugs, Country of origin: Modern India

Rug Weaving Materials: 100% Wool Pile

Primary Color: Ivory

Secondary Color: Rust / Red

Weaving Technique: Hand Knotted

This contemporary tribal design custom rug draws inspiration from the iconic antique Persian Bakshaish rugs. Combining rich, luxurious jewel tones with pale, sweet shades, this modern custom rug seamlessly merges these contrasting themes to create an effortlessly beautiful display. The absorbing pattern invites viewers to appreciate every minute detail, guiding the eye along curves and intermingling shapes that form a maze-like effect in the focal area. Rich scarlet, prominent blue, and eggshell white harmonize with powdered slate and peat, producing an earthy palette of color and motion. The artist’s craftsmanship and dedication shine through in the intricate rendering of the more primitive dragon design, visible both in the field and border of this modern Persian Bakshaish design custom rug.

The adaptability of this custom rug, woven and ordered in any size, shape, and color, makes it highly versatile. It can effortlessly complement a wide range of interior designs and home decors, spanning from mid-century modern to more traditional approaches. Undoubtedly, this custom rug stands out as a versatile piece that exudes visual appeal in any size.

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