Cream and Blue Oversized Antique Kerman Persian Rug 50617

Size: 12 ft 6 in x 21 ft 6 in (3.81 m x 6.55 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Curling leaves, dancing vines and blooming fronds all come together to establish a natural environment, one that encourages the viewer to take a closer look at the details within.

Magnificent Cream and Blue Oversized Antique Kerman Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This gorgeous Kerman carpet from the 1920s is the perfect match for a vintage room, or it could easily fit into the modern color palette, too. One of the qualities for which Kerman carpets are known is their unusual colors that often stray from the traditional choices found in other areas of Iran. Kerman is a city located in Southwestern Iran that has been producing exceptional rugs since the 16th century, and their carpets continue to be a favorite among collectors and carpet aficionados.

An all-over pattern is the most common design in Kerman carpets. They often use a repeating design and simple color palette to create a formal feel. The designs are elegant and add a feeling of formality to the room. This carpet has stylized scrollwork and leaves throughout the design that give it a rather Art Nouveau or Art Deco feel. This would be the perfect addition to a vintage-inspired room.

The motifs of the carpet are carried out in exquisite detail, which requires highly trained weavers of exceptional skill and a talented designer. This level of detail requires a high knot count that also gives the carpet a plush feel underfoot. This carpet has a formal feel that would be the perfect match for a more traditional room setting, but fine Persian carpets are also a staple of Boho chic design, too.

The striking color combination and captivating design of this antique rug would be the perfect match for a room that is elegant and refined or a bit on the eclectic side. This carpet has a lively feel that directs the eye along its length, which will enhance this proportion of the room and make it appear longer. This gorgeous piece is versatile and will add vibrancy to a traditional or formal design setting.

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