Brown Geometric Vintage Turkish Kars Gallery Size Rug 72278


Size: 7 ft 6 in x 15 ft 6 in (2.29 m x 4.72 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Kars Rugs

Beautiful Brown Geometric Vintage Turkish Kars Gallery Size Rug, Country Of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: Vintage – This year, brown is a color that is in the news. It is making a comeback as the color of choice when you want to create an earthy, nature-inspired design. This beautiful rug is a vintage piece from Kars, Turkey. This region has a fascinating history and has seen the influences of the many peoples and cultures that have called it home over the centuries. You can see a reflection of these cultures in its artwork and its beautiful rugs.

Kars is located in northwestern Turkey and is the seat of the district of the same name. Today, its people are a mixture of Kurds, Azerbaijanis, and Turkish origins. Throughout its history, it has also been occupied by the Seljuks, Russians, and Armenians. In this rug, the large, geometric motifs represent its Turkish design roots. You will occasionally find motifs similar to Caucasian rugs throughout the design. Browns and other neural tones are one of the distinguishing characteristics of Kars rugs that add to their natural feel.

The large, square medallion designs are another distinguishing characteristic of Kars rugs. The rug is long, much like a runner rug, but it is wider than the typical runner rug. It would make an excellent foundation for a long dining table or to connect to areas in a larger room. You could use it to create a statement in an entranceway, or other long, narrow space.

The bold geometric designs will make the space look even more grand. This is an elegant piece that still retains a hint of its tribal origins. It would be an excellent addition to a Boho Chic space or for a room of traditional furniture pieces. You could use it to soften a contemporary space or add a personal touch to any room decor style. You could pair it with traditional colors, such as beige, gray, or blue. Today’s trends are about breaking the rules to give the space a personal touch, and you might want to try pairing it with mustard yellows, citrusy oranges, spicy reds, or pink. This rug is the foundation for an inspired space that allows you to show your more traditional side or create something new and trendy.

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