Blue Geometric Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Kilim Rug 71666

Size: 6 ft 4 in x 9 ft 10 in (1.93 m x 3 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

Light Blue Geometric Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Kilim Rug, Country of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa date: VintageVintage Scandinavian rugs and kilims were an important part of Mid-century modern design, and this gorgeous vintage rug is an excellent addition to a retro or contemporary room design. Blue is the color designers turn to when they want to create a serene and calming feel in the room. This Swedish rug has a feel that is both organic and contemporary.

The rugs from Scandinavia are unique in that they combine elements of the natural world with contemporary design. They reflect the intersection of the built world and the natural world. The artist of this kilim rug uses natural colors and simple geometric shapes for a piece that is a perfect foundation to create a retro-inspired or authentic Mid-century modern design.

The geometric shapes add rhythm and formal structure to the piece. It would be a perfect addition to a formal dining room that features a glass top table or Danish Modern design pieces. The neutral design of the flat weave rug would also make it perfect for a transitional room. This piece will add a touch of color to a room that features a neutral palette. The blue background is calming, and the brilliant hues on the border add a touch of summer sunshine to the design.

This is a versatile Scandinavian kilim rug that will allow you to express your unique personality and style. If you are a lover of Mid-century furniture, or your preference is a collection of your favorite pieces in mixed styles, this rug will allow you to create a design that is cohesive and balanced.

Nordic and Scandinavian designs continue to grow in popularity, and this rug is a perfect fit for a contemporary or vintage-inspired design. The blue gives it a modern coastal feel, or you could add it to Asian décor. Regardless of your style or where you choose to use this piece, it is an excellent foundation for creating your sanctuary and retreat from the rest of the world.

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