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Beautiful Blue Room Size Antique Spanish Rug 49426

Size: 9 ft x 15 ft (2.74 m x 4.57 m)Print

Breathtaking Beautiful Blue Antique Room Size Spanish Rug 49426, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Spain Rug, Circa Date: 1920’s – This large antique Spanish rug was woven in the 1920’s and features a palette of stunning complimentary colors and elegant lion designs.

The colors of this antique rug are extremely vibrant and the combination of these colors and the decorative elements almost give the carpet a summery and tropical feel. The main colors present in this beautiful antique Spanish rug are the shades of vibrant orange and blue. The use of complimentary colors means the individual elements stand out while not overpowering each other. In addition to these colors, there is the use of creamy neutral tones and some lush green shades.

The design of this room size rug is very elegant and features delicately woven lions that are outlined in the same vibrant orange. The center field of the antique Spanish rug utilizes a blue ground and features many different nature inspired designs, including the lion figures as well as leaf designs. The rug’s interior design, within the center field, is created like an all over pattern, and it repeats throughout this entire area. The border features a ground of the bright orange color that is present throughout the European rug, framing the center field nicely and creating a dynamic look due to the complimentary colors. The design elements in the border of this beautiful room size rug are more reminiscent of a filigree type pattern, and contrast nicely with the orange of the ground. Within this border, there are also some geometric style elements.

This antique Spanish rug is a stunning example of the use of complimentary colors and the contrast between the allover pattern in the central field to the border creates a dynamic and eye catching piece of art.

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