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18th Century Antique North West Persian Rug 49513

Size: 6 ft 5 in x 11 ft 3 in (1.96 m x 3.43 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautifully Tribal 18th Century Antique North West Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: Late 18th Century – This spectacular antique rug is a rare find and a beautiful early example. It is a beautiful 18th-century antique Persian rug from the Northwest Persia area.

This magnificent early rug represents not only a beautiful piece of art. It also is representative of a time when there were many changes going on in that part of the world and this antique North West Persian rug was there to bear witness to all of it.

The vibrant rusty red, subtle ivory cream, earthy brown and navy blue colors of the tribal rug have stood up well to the test of time. The all over pattern of flowers is highlighted by a main border with bold geometric shapes.

This beautiful room size rug does have horizontal and vertical symmetry,. That said, the central focal point is understated and not used as a main design feature of the North West Persian rug.

The overall design of the antique Persian rug makes it the perfect piece to highlight an antique dining room table or other room feature. However, it also stands out on its own as a collectible and beautiful piece of artwork.

The rug design is versatile and would work well in any traditional design that needs a special piece to set it off. The flowers within the central field are gated using repetitive diamond patterns, which gives it a sense of order and balance, even though the overall design would appear to be random. This spectacular 18th century Persian rug does have a distinguishable repeating pattern along its vertical axis that is reversible.

This antique rug, from North West Persia, is well preserved and has many more years to be a well loved piece in any home or office.

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