Antique Chinese Rank Badge/pair 46126

Price: $900.00

| Size: 1 ft x 1 ft 11 in (0.3 m x 0.58 m)Print

Paradise flycatchers with luxuriant tail feathers are featured alongside ancient symbols and precious objects in this splendid pair of antique Chinese rank badges.

Rank Badge, China, Antique – This stunning pair of antique Chinese rank badges depicts a variety of luminescent gilt designs set over a stunning royal blue ground with distinctive violet undertones. The regal left-facing paradise flycatcher with its spotted tail feathers is depicted atop a craggy rock that emerges from the undulating sea. Arching waves and ruyi-shaped motifs create a rippled barrier that separates the intricately decorated sky from the gilded depths of the monochromatic sea. The densely decorated background depicts the essential imperial sun, scrolling ruyi-shaped clouds, lush blossoms and endless knots along with a multitude of symbols and scrollwork accents. A magnificent pattern of alternating shou and pinyin motifs decorates the royal blue borders continuing the regal color scheme featured in this elegant pair of matching antique Chinese rank badges.

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