Antique Silk Kayseri Turkish Shabby Chic Rug 43469

Size: 6 ft 9 in x 10 ft (2.06 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

With elaborate designs woven in a sophisticated and subdued color palette, this Kayseri carpet makes an elegant statement piece.

Antique Silk Kayseri Turkish Shabby Chic Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: 1910 – This absolutely fantastic antique Kayseri rug originally hand made by the master rug makers of Turkey — is a truly sensational piece that speaks to the artistic and artisanal capabilities of the talented individuals responsible for its composition. A piece that embodies many of the characteristics most sought after by enthusiasts and experts the world over, this sensational piece is both traditional and exciting. In the traditional Kayseri fashion, this carpet features a classic combination of neutral vine-scrolls complemented by a somber field and oxidized blue borders. The field is decorated heavily with scrolling arabesques, grand palmettes and dainty floral sprays while the Turkish borders feature elaborate palmettes and scrolling saz-leaf motifs set off by the detailed guard-bands. All in all, this is a very exciting and very attractive antique Oriental rug that would bring elegance and sophistication to any home.

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