Antique Rare Crane And Lishui Striped Chinese Rank Badge 46181

Size: 0 ft 11 in x 0 ft 11 in (0.28 m x 0.28 m)
Origin: China

Rendered in a spectacular variety of gilt hues, this magnificent antique Chinese rank badge depicts a majestic bird surrounded by symbols and precious objects.

Antique Chinese Rank Badge, Country of Origin: China, Circa: Late 19th Century – This rare collectible, fine and splendid antique Chinese rank badge features an elegant left-facing bird that is oriented toward the imperial sun and set over a background of scroll work emblems that are rendered in shimmering hues of gilt floss. The majestic bird depicts intricate feathers and a perlage back that captures the glistening aurum hues that are featured throughout the composition. Stunning lishui stripes rendered in alternating hues of bronzy pink and aurum yellow are juxtaposed against a deep onyx background. Cresting waves and elegant ruyi-shaped clouds separate the symbolic deep-water ground from the lavishly patterned sky. The intricate scroll work patterns are interspersed with lotus blossoms, auspicious bian fu bats and ruyi clouds fill the upper portions of the composition. The elegant borders incorporate delicate vine scroll-flanked lotus blossoms that maximize the contrast between the glistening aurum hues and the black background.

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